Our Ethos 

The Bicycle Clinic is a bicycle workshop run by Damian, based in Myton-on-Swale, north of York. Damian has achieved the highest Cytech qualification being a Cytech Master Technician and e-Bike Certified. Training through the Cytech scheme and gaining the experience needed to become a Cytech master technician takes a lot of time, effort and dedication and Damian regularly undergoes Cytech training and assessment to demonstrate up-to-date knowledge and understanding of new bicycle technology. 
With a passion for cycling and for engineering, Damian loves a bike to feel like new and treats all customers bikes to the same high level of standard he treats his own bikes. Damian specialises in all manner of bicycle servicing, repairs, and maintenance, from simple puncture repairs, gear adjustment and servicing, brake adjustment and overhaul to suspension and fork servicing, electronic gear setup and configuration, bespoke wheel building, e-Bike servicing and everything in between. 

  Fully Tooled Workshop  

We use the latest technology, tools and equipment to service and repair bikes correctly and efficiently believing in using the correct tool for the job. With a fully tooled workshop, in the unlikely event that we do not have a tool for a particular task we would invest in the correct tool to ensure your bike is repaired correctly without any undue stress caused by using an incorrect tool. 
Visit to the workshop is by appointment only. 

About Damian 

I have been a keen cyclist for most of my life, both road cycling and mountain biking. Always competitive, I like my bikes to look and feel like new every time I ride them so I am rather particular when it comes to maintaining my own bikes. There is nothing worse than being out with a group of friends and your bike lets you down. It can feel as though you are letting the whole group down by holding them up whilst you attempt to repair your bike, so maintaining my bikes to a high standard has always been something I have been passionate about. I ride a variety of bikes from different eras and I am always amused when someone comments on the condition of my bike. I have a 20+ year old road bike that often receives comments asking if it is new. It is great to think that after several tens of thousands of miles it still looks and feels like new. 
My interest in maintaining bikes for others came about after assisting in an organised charity cycle ride almost 20 years ago when it was quite evident the things I found relatively simple to do and understand, others found very difficult. I recall assisting a young lady to change gear because she did not know how to do it, and repairing a puncture that, had I not been there, would have caused a major problem for the person concerned. I have always been technically minded and absorb anything technical finding engineering and precision fascinating. 
I have a mindset of 'safety first', so maintaining a bike to have total faith that it will perform reliably to its utmost is how I go about looking after and servicing a bike. I understand people have a budget, and some lower end bikes are not always worth spending a lot of money on, but I have to consider safety first. If a bike's brakes do not perform to their optimum, if a bike's tyres have degraded, if a gear change is stiff and not easy to use, these issues could result in an accident, and it is therefore essential that every bike leaves the workshop fully working and safe to ride. The more efficient a bike and its components are, the nicer that bike will be to ride, and ultimately how competitive a serious cyclist could be when they compete in races or sportives. 
I setup The Bicycle Clinic several years ago to offer the very best service to cyclists in North Yorkshire. Cycling in North Yorkshire hit a new high in popularity due to the organisers of the Tour de France choosing it as the location to start the 2012 Tour, and that popularity has contined to grow ever since. The stunning Yorkshire scenery was shown to its very best during the television coverage of that Tour, and Yorkshire was highlighted as having some of the best cycling roads in the UK. Being a born and bred Yorkshireman I love living and cycling in North Yorkshire, so to setup a business doing what I love in such a beautiful county to help other cyclists seemed like the ideal profession. As a result I have a keen interest in keeping up to date with the latest the cycling industry has to offer so believe it is essential to be qualified to the highest possible standard. I am therefore a Cytech Master Technician and e-Bike Certified and continue to partake in courses, and attend bike exhibitions and conferences to keep abreast of the very latest technology, to offer the most comprehensive professional service I can. 

  Join The Team 

If you would like to get in to the bicycle industry as a mechanic, wheel builder, or indeed to work in any area of the cycling industry then contact us. We are looking to grow the business and are interested to hear from anyone with a passion for bikes and cycling. 
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